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"With Kirsty Lloyd’s help, I recently purchased a lovely condo in downtown Edmonton. During the process Kirsty was honest, helpful, & very flexible. She was willing to accommodate all my requests and provided professional advice in response to my concerns.
Kirsty Lloyd acts with integrity when dealing with her clients and I would gladly recommend her to friends and family. "
Thank you for all your efforts
Ron Ward

Why choose us?
There are many factors when you purchase a new home. We protect your interests, ensure you do not overpay, and take care of all the details while you’re making one of the largest decisions in most family’s lives. Plus our services are absolutely FREE when you buy. Real Estate is what we do everyday. 

1.   Access to our list of HOTTEST DEALS - we are constantly reviewing the market to have an inventory of the best deals in town.
2.   Search all MLS* properties for sale - via this website you can view all listing details including addresses and virtual tours, save favorites, and be alerted as soon as new properties hit the market.
3.   Show you all properties on MLS* - plus for sale by owners and Comfree listings too. In cases of private sales we make sure you do not overpay, as most are not priced correctly because they have no professional representation or advice.
4.   Access our team of professionals - preferred lawyers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, home inspectors and more.
5.   Satisfaction Guarantee - if you are not satisfied at any time you may cancel our services immediately. 


Please feel free to view our testimonials of past clients to see how other people like you feel about our services.

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